Steel Picnic Tables:

Hard-wearing table and stool ensembles ideal for public spaces.


Banco con estructura principal fabricada en PTR Cal.14 Norma ASTM-A-36 y tubería redonda NGR Ced.30 Norma ASTM-A-513, con asientos y mesa en chapa "RF" acabado mate Cal.16 Norma ASTM-A- 568 perforado en una estructura de barra plana laminada en caliente ASTM-A-36 con refuerzos en PTR Cal.14 ASTM-A-36 Estándar, material de parasol Lámina de polietileno resistente a la intemperie.


Bench with main structure manufactured in round pipe NGR Cal. 16 Standard ASTM-A-513 with seats and table in matte finished "RF" sheet. 16 ASTM-A-568 standard perforated in flat bar hot rolled structure ASTM-A Standard -36 with reinforcements in PTR Cal.14 Standard ASTM -A-36.

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