We hold several designs which adapt to any kind of outdoor urban project.


Manufactured in flat bar with the specification ASTM-A-36 as main structure, backrest in Profile Cal.18 Standard specification ASTM-A-36, with an elegant and avant-garde design, ideal for any type of area where its use is required.


Bench with main structure made of round pipe NGR Cal.16 Standard ASTM-A-513 in matte finish type "RF" Cal.16 Standard ASTM-A-568 perforated, designed to adapt to any public space required.


Bench with steel main structure in round tube NGR Cal.16 Standard ASTM-A-513 with seat type "RF" matt finish Cal.16 Standard ASTM-A-568 perforated.


Bench with main structure made of round tubing NGR Cal.16 Standard ASTM-A-513 and round tubing NGR Ced.30 Standard ASTM-A-513, with backrest in sheet type "RF" matt finish Cal.16 Standard ASTM-A- 568 on a hot rolled flat bar structure ASTM-A-36 Standard.

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