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Jumbo Studio Metalworks

We are an urban furniture design and manufacturing studio with high producing capacity.
Our goal is to beautify public spaces through innovative, inclusive and safe street furniture.
People are the core of our innovation.


We are your best choice in street furniture supply.
Our manufacturing processes guarantee the quality of our products
And at the same time adjust to any kind of innovative urban project.


Simple or with recycling features for ecological projects.


We hold several designs which adapt to any kind of outdoor urban project.

Steel Picnic Tables

Hard-wearing table and stool ensembles ideal for public spaces.

Bike rack

Spaces to keep safe the everyday means of transportation that improve people’s lifestyle.


We offer the best ways to convey a message in public spaces.


Our surfaces are the best option for recreational and fun spaces.

Get in touch with us and let's create together the best solution for outdoor furniture for your project!


New trends in Urban Furniture

Innovate or die. The user-centered design is no longer a trend, it is a reality.

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